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Hallucinogen Abuse and Addiction

Hallucinogen abuse
Types of hallucinogen drugs
Statistics of hallucinogens

Hallucinogens Statistics and Abuse

Hallucinogen is a drug that elicits physiological effects in our bodies to create fantasies. People may not know much about it. So we will briefly tell you everything that you should know about hallucinogens.

Here we have mentioned its disadvantages and how we can avoid this. Therefore, you should know everything about it in detail so you can prevent yourself & your family from its addiction. If you’re addicted to it, don’t worry; We will tell you how to get rid of it.

Types of Hallucinogen Drugs


  • Ketamine is a type of hallucinogenic drug which is usually used in sleeping pills. But it is used superficially because it acts as an anesthetic. So, a person is more likely to fall into a deep sleep after using it. This can cause visual disorders and mental confusion, so that a person would lose their senses and experience hallucinations. That’s because ketamine increases our body's substance, which helps us sleep. So, when used, we feel sleepy, or like we are dreaming while awake.

Dextromethorphan (DXM)

  • It is an element used in cough syrups or medicines. This drug treats colds, but those medicines contain minimal dextromethorphan. There is no risk in taking a certain amount of cough syrups. It relaxes our muscles, so taking an unusual amount of cough syrups or DXM may produce hallucinations and optical effects. Hence, we may see unreal things. Further, taking these drugs continuously can lead to death, so you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

  • LSD is also a hallucinogenic drug extracted from a fungus that grows on certain grains. It is the most potent hallucinogen existing that produces powerful mental illusions. This transforms reality into a dream, and we feel everything we imagine like it is happening. LSD changes mood and reduces the cognitive ability to differentiate between reality and imagination.

  • It is a white-colored substance or transparent liquid which has no smell. It is bought as edible paper, so the person may lick it or swallow it. It is a powerful drug, so even a tiny dose can lead to addiction and death.

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Statistics and Abuse of Hallucinogens

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After analyzing all the data on hallucinogen addiction cases, it was concluded that students are more likely to be addicted to hallucinogens. This is because they are more affected by the pressure of society and education. Besides all the reasons, youngsters spend more time outside and interact with different people. Hence, there is more chance for them to meet addicted people who can transfer the addiction to them.

According to the reports, 7th to 8th-grade students addicted to Hallucinogens increased to 1.7% the previous year. This increasing addiction should be controlled and stopped as soon as possible. If it is left untreated, then many families will suffer.

More About Hallucinogen Abuse and Addiction

Symptoms of Hallucinogen Abuse

Symptoms of hallucinogen addiction

Here we have listed three common symptoms of hallucinogens addiction:


A person addicted to hallucinogenic drugs is often confused about recognizing objects. The person also feels difficulty in differentiating between reality and myth. Therefore they would not be able to realize that they are experiencing mental illusions and that the objects they see are not natural. The person will usually be confused while talking, walking, or doing anything.

Confusion is the first symptom when a person starts getting addicted to hallucinogens. So, if you also experience these symptoms, avoid these hallucinogenic drugs. This is because stopping it in the first stage will be easier. Also, you may not need any specific hospital treatment; you can consult your family doctor.

Anti-Social Attitude

If you are using hallucinogens, you can get addicted to them. Once you get addicted to them, you may become stressed when socializing with people. You may be suffocated in a crowd or small group and hesitate to interact with them. Further, you may become angry more often with people about ignorable things.

Further, you may face anxiety issues and always be in a bad mood when surrounded by people.



You may experience panic attacks on small matters when addicted to hallucinogenic drugs. You may feel anxious about everything, small or big, and will be shocked more often than usual. Moreover, your temper will be unusual and surprising. You will also find everything difficult and panic when doing little activities; you will feel more scared and excited because of these drugs.

You must stop using these drugs as soon as possible because your life could be at risk anytime, so try to treat your addiction as quickly as possible.

Risks of Abuse and Treatment of Hallucinogen Addiction

Risks and treatmet for hallucinogen addiction

After all, every illicit drug causes health problems, which can become severe if left untreated. Similarly, hallucinogenic drugs such as Ketamine use can bring severe physiological issues and mental illusions. The Usage of DXM can also bring sleeping problems and slowly destroy the body's entire functioning. You can lose all your confidence and suffer from severe anxiety issues if you do not stop abusing them. Therefore, we have listed some treatments which can be helpful for you:

  • First, consult a doctor as soon as possible because you may get a severe addiction to it. To avoid this dangerous drug, ask a psychiatrist for help.

  • Get help from an addiction center; they will help you and support you to escape this dangerous addiction.

  • Go to a hospital for therapies and try hard to get your addiction under control because everything will be all right once you are treated.

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The Bottom Line

Bottom line

Stopping the usage of this hazardous drug is very important because it may lead to death if not treated. If you or someone from your family is addicted to hallucinogens, Seek professional help as soon as possible. Hallucinogens are potent drugs, so try to avoid them.

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