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Reiki Therapy For Addiction Treatment

Reiki is an invisible energy that lives within every living organism.

Reiki has always existed and always will; the ultimate healing energy runs through us and corrects all the things that are not working correctly within us.

Everyone has experienced Reiki at one time or another in their lives (whether they know it or not.)

A child who falls off their bike and grabs their cut instantly uses Reiki to soothe the pain.

A mother who instinctively rubs her baby's wound uses Reiki to heal the wound.

How Reiki Works?

Reiki is transferred from the hands of one individual to another. The reason Reiki flow is not as strong in us as it is in an energy healer is that we lack two essential things:


Most of us in the western world did not learn about this universal life energy; therefore, we don't practice healing ourselves.

A Reiki-Worthy Lifestyle

Most of us, especially if we are struggling with addiction, do not live a healthy enough lifestyle for Reiki to flow freely in us.

For Reiki to be vital and effective in us, we need to:

  • Have a balanced, alkaline diet.

  • Eat less sugary, acidic, fatty feet and drinks.

  • Practice daily exercise (ideally yoga and cardio).

  • Mediate.

  • Cut out drugs and alcohol.

  • Cut out Caffeine.

  • Cut out tobacco and nicotine.

  • Live in the moment.

  • Balance and align the Chakras.


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Reiki and Addiction Treatment

Medically Reviewed:


Rolling Hills Recovery Center

Expert Contributor

Dr. Williams presently serves on the board of Directors for two non-profit service organizations. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University, Philadelphia, Pa, and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and University. In Cincinnati, Ohio. He is licensed to practice addictions counseling in both New Jersey and Connecticut and has a pending application as a practicing Psychologist in New Jersey.

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Because Reiki is so powerful and healing, people searching for addiction treatment may benefit from Reiki as an added practice or sole means of care.

How can Reiki Help you With addiction?

1) Provide a healthier coping mechanism

When you choose Reiki to deal with your circumstances, you are essentially choosing one of your best options. In addition, you may be used to making poor choices in desperation to relieve yourself from uncomfortable situations and symptoms.

Reiki provides a safe and effective solution for caring for ourselves. You can relieve yourself from the discomforts of addiction healthier without resorting to destructive habits that don't provide lasting results.


2) Get to the root of the problem

A saying goes, "Reiki Goes Wherever It Needs to."

We don't have to tell Reiki what needs fixing; Reiki knows already.

Often, other underlying factors contribute to the addiction; the addiction is just the symptom. Those in the heart of their addiction will sometimes forget what's hurting them deeply. They'll become numb to their hidden pains and suppressed trauma.


When you open yourself up to Reiki, you allow it to go to those secret places and heal what's there.


3) Cure you of anxiety and Depression

Reiki heals emotional trauma like depression and anxiety. But unfortunately, mental illness is one of the biggest causes of drug addiction and relapse. You've fought over half the battle if you can be free from those difficult emotions.

Reiki is proven to help cure such mental illnesses; many are turning to Reiki because of it.


4) Mood Stabilizer

When you are recovering from drugs and alcohol, your mood and emotions can be everywhere. Unfortunately, like depression and anxiety, these emotions can be hard to deal with.


Reiki can be a great mood stabilizer, keeping you balanced and level-headed, two things needed in addiction treatment.


5) Enhance your relationships

Because Reiki is a universal life force energy, Reiki is also very loving energy. When you use Reiki, you open your heart to give and receive love; this is vital for your relationships.

While in your addiction, you may have been a very selfish, nasty person. Your friends and family may have resented you for a time.

When you use Reiki for treatment, you bring that loving energy back into your heart. As a result, you can restore your relationships and become that loving, kind person you once were, even better.


6) Resets you

Reiki resets you completely, and if you pursue addiction treatment, you most likely need a good life reset. Reiki will refresh, revitalize, and restart your body, mind, and spirit. Like factory resetting a phone or computer, you'll be brand new. You could leave your past behind and move forward to a better life full of energy and excitement.

The old way wasn’t working, but with Reiki, you'll have the power to start over and if you are struggling with addiction, starting over is exactly what you need.


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A patient navigator is ready to help. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help 24 hours a day.


Additional Information

Reiki Energy is mighty, and you may feel a little tired or dizzy after a session, especially your first time.

Reiki goes where it needs to, and everyone experiences this energy differently.

Only one way to know how Reiki will work for you: directly experiencing it. Your sobriety and well-being are worth it.

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