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Privacy Policy

Rolling Hills Recovery Center

This Privacy Policy explains how Rolling Hills Recovery Center gathers information about you through our websites, mobile apps, and other services and how we use and share the information. 


This policy applies to our websites, services, and other interactions with you. It controls how we use the information we collect and interact with you.

Privacy Principles


Our privacy policies adhere to the following guidelines:


  • We don't collect more sensitive data about you than is necessary.

  • Unless you are specifically instructed differently, your personal information will only be used for the stated objectives in this Privacy Policy.

  • If your data is no longer required, we will delete it.

  • We do not disclose your data to any third parties except as stated in this Privacy or as otherwise consented to by you.


Changes to this Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time without any notice. If we alter anything on this policy, we will alert you by publishing the new policy on our website and changing the "Last Updated" timestamp above. Please read this policy each time you use our services to be updated with our practices constantly.


Protection of Health Information Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


In 1996, the US Congress established IPAA, a Privacy Rule for sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) by insurers and rehab facilities. It stipulates that all a client's personal information be kept private and that disclosing this information must be done only with the patient's express consent.


  • It is your right to know whether we hold personal information about you.

  • You can adjust or update any information we hold about you anytime.

  • You have the right to request any personal data we have about you.

  • You have the right to complain about how we utilize your personal information.


Information you Provide


When you contact us via email, sign up on our website, or submit information, we gather the information you supply. For example, we may collect your data, such as your name, phone number,  gender, email address, postal address,  and Social Security number (SSN). 


Information We Collect

When you visit our website, we learn a variety of things about you; When you use our services, we may automatically collect specific details about your computer or gadgets (including smartphones)


Information about the device 


When you use our services, we may automatically collect specific detail of smartphones, computers, or gadgets (including smartphones). We might, for instance, gather and evaluate the following data:


  • Unique device identifiers (UDIs) and details about your cell phone or other mobile devices.

  • IP addresses.

  • Geolocation information.

  • Browser types.

  • Browser language.

  • Operating system.

  • The country or state from which you accessed our services.


Information about your interactions with our services


We may collect the following types of data concerning your interactions with our services:

  • Type of platform. 

  • URLs and exit pages.

  • Landing pages.

  • Number of clicks. 

  • Names of websites.

  • Viewed web pages and content.

  • What the reader does on each page. 

  • The date you used the service.

  • The time you used the service.

  • Error logs and other related data.


This data can be gathered through third-party analytics tools and technology, such as cookies and related technologies. 


Information about your location

The location information we collect includes the following:

  • Details about your location, such as your IP address.

  • Facts and figures in general (for example, zip code and IP address).

  • Extra information (for example, GPS-based functionalities on a mobile device used to access our services).


We may use the data we gather from you to provide our clients accomplish this; we may disclose your geolocation data to our affiliates, suppliers, or marketers.


We may disclose your geolocation data to our affiliates, suppliers, or marketers to access. However, disabling location-tracking capabilities such as GPS on your mobile device may prevent you from providing us with location data if your device permits it.


Cookies (and Other Online Technologies)


We may use the following technologies to get a better understanding of our users:




Cookies are tiny computer files transmitted to your electronic device. They include the date. You may save time using the services pages you've viewed and your actions while using our services.


When keeping our services, you may save time by not having to re-enter your login information each time. Instead, we reserve your authentication status in a cookie. Cookies are also used to track visitor behavior and prevent fraudulent transactions.


We may use a kind of marketing called online behavioral (interest-based) advertising to promote our services. In practice, particular business associates may use Cookies to show Rolling Hills Recovery Center's advertisements on other sites and apps based on your usage of our services and your interests in those advertisements (based on the information gathered from your online activities).

Disclaimer on social media engagement

We are not responsible for any repercussions from posting anything on our social media accounts. However, when you publish anything on our social networking sites, you accept the risk that the information you provide is infected with a virus or otherwise dangerous.


Any third-party social media platforms or services, or websites to which patients choose to communicate private health information are entirely out of the control of The Rolling Hills Recovery Center. Therefore, Rolling Hills Recovery Center cannot guarantee that user information will be safe on third-party social networks. Therefore, people should be cautious while disclosing sensitive personal information online.


If you post or upload material to Rolling Hills Recovery Center's social media pages, it becomes the property of Rolling Hills Recovery Center. This includes comments, images, text, and other media. By uploading content, you grant Rolling Hills Recovery Center an unrestricted right to use, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, change, replace, create derivative works from, and otherwise use your content for any purpose and in any medium.


Hyperlinks to other web pages


Our website and social media pages may include links to other websites that you will find helpful. We have no control over the privacy practices of these websites. We strongly advise you to read their privacy policies before using these websites. This policy applies only to data obtained by Rolling Hills Recovery Center.

Use of Information

​The information your share with us (or collect from you) is used:


  • For the reasons for which you shared the information. 

  • We tailor our services to meet your expectations by disseminating more information about Rolling Hills Recovery Center, our associates, our sponsors, or third-party services, initiatives, events, and campaigns that interest you.

  • To support, keep improving, or boost our organization and our services.

  • To get in touch with you. 

  • To deliver alerts to your mobile devices. 

  • Email you and deliver other communications with material that interest you. 

  • To keep you up to date with our services and send you newsletters.  

  • To keep track of and evaluate trends concerning our services. 

  • To better understand who uses our services and how we can improve user experience. 

  • To merge information obtained from external parties with data we have collected from you or about you and to use the aggregated information for the reasons outlined in this Privacy Policy.

  • To help stop, detect, and investigate data breaches, fraud, and other possibly illegal or expressly forbidden practices. 

  • To manage and troubleshoot our services.

  • Ensure that the legal regulations governing your use of our services are followed.

  • To safeguard our properties or rights. 

  • We are disclosing this to you for any other reason as part of our services.


We may use a third-party service provider to process and store the information you share with us or collect from you.


Sharing of Your Private Information

We may be required to disclose your personal information to the following third parties:

  • IT and systems administration service providers.

  • Lawyers, bankers, auditors, and insurers are all examples of professional counselors.

  • Organs of state require us to provide reports on our activities.

  • Rehab facilities in our network of contacts.

  • Other people or firms to whom we may transfer our services, sell assets or sell our entire organization.

  • Any third party to offer, maintain and enhance our Services. It can arise where a service provider needs access to your information to execute tasks on our behalf.

You can rest assured that any third party to whom we disclose your information will do so securely and lawfully. We only permit such a third party to process your data for the purposes stated and in full compliance with our instructions.

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