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Our Programs at RHRC

Rolling Hills Recovery Center is dedicated to the success of recovering addicts and alcoholics. 

Holistic Treatment and Evidence-Based

At Rolling Hills Recovery Center, our vision for clients and staff is through the power of connectedness, warmth, and support of others, opportunities to learn and exchange ideas, the utilization of the most advanced medical and psychological interventions, and a more positive sense of self. We believe you will emerge from the devastating effects of substance use and awaken to a life of healthy relationships, greater personal fulfillment, more meaningful service, and spiritual expansion.

Above all else, we are committed to client care and improving the quality of their lives. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective healthcare to the community we serve. We recognize and affirm the unique worth of each individual. We treat all those we do with care, compassion, and kindness. We act with absolute honesty, integrity, and fairness in how we conduct our business and live our lives.


1. To Rescue: RHRC believes that each person we engage in initiating the treatment process is a person we have rescued from the seemingly hopeless state of body and mind that results from addiction and alcoholism.  For that reason, we call every admit to one of our facilities a “Rescue.”  

2. To Transform: RHRC believes the treatment process must transform a person to recover. Therefore, we call everyone who completes one of our programs a “transformation.”  

3. Through Innovation: Innovation can be defined as something original and, consequently, new that "breaks into" the market or society. RHRC believes that we will be able to help more people more effectively and efficiently than ever through innovation.

We Have Programs For Everyone

We promote healing and restore the health of people suffering from addiction through compassionate, person-centered care. Healing is a process. At Rolling Hills Recovery Center, our mission is to ensure that your healing is complete regardless of your past and to make a positive difference in the lives of people and their families affected by addiction.

To treat our clients with the best, most innovative, and scientifically effective treatment possible so we can rescue and make positive contributions to the transformation of our clients' lives.

Some of our most popular programs at Rolling Hills Recovery Center are:

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