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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in New Jersey

Rolling Hills Recovery Center is New Jersey's Premier Addiction Treatment Center.

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Personalized Addiction Treatment That Works
Everything you need to recover for good.

Rolling Hills Recovery Center is an alcohol and drug rehab in Chester, New Jersey. Our primary goal is to promote healing, offer hope and provide the tools you need to live a life free from addiction.


We utilize a comprehensive array of innovative approaches that provide the best evidence-based practices for treating addictive disorders and a wide range of treatments commonly used in Integrative or Holistic Medicine. An individual plan is developed with each client; we believe that successful change can be achieved by utilizing our psychological, environmental, and socially focused approach in a comfortable treatment setting.


Recovery Information


Recovery Information


Recovery Information


Our Mission

Rolling Hills Recovery Center 

We believe addiction is a chronic disease that, if left untreated, will expand into all areas of your life, destroying the possessions you value, your relationships, your personal integrity, and, eventually, your life. Therefore, to place this disease into remission, we help you address six critical areas. 


Holistic Recovery


Safe Environment

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Individialized Care

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Integrative Medicine


Continuity of Care

What Makes Us Stand Out


Our Treatment

We believe in personally guiding each and every client
through each and every step in becoming clean and sober.


Our Programs

We offer a unique therapeutic experience that will help address the varied expressions of this illness in all aspects of your life.


Our Community

Providing a stable, loving, and caring environment that will empower our clients to obtain the goal of long-term recovery.

Primary Vision

To Rescue and Transform Through Innovation

Above all else, we are committed to client care and improving the quality of their lives. We aim to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective healthcare to our community. We recognize and affirm the unique worth of each individual.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga for addiction treatment allows the yogi and recovering addict to try healthier coping options. The recovering addict may revert to drugs and alcohol to feel better before therapy because that’s all they know.

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Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy, also known as therapeutic recreation, is a set of creative, recreational activities designed to assist recovering addicts with their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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Music/Art Therapy

Drugs and alcohol negatively affect our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. There is scientifically based evidence that music can positively affect the mind, body, and soul.


Tour Our Facilty

Rolling Hills Recovery Center is New Jersey's leading premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab. Located in the beautiful, peaceful, and serene hills of Northern New Jersey.  


And Many More...

Supportive and Understanding

What To Expect When You Call

Expect to be treated as family; our patient navigators will first listen to your situation. After hearing your situation, we will conduct a free and confidential insurance verification. We will then design a treatment plan tailored for you. 


Check Your Coverage

Verify Your Insurance Today

We accept most major insurance. You could be covered 100% for addiction treatment. Privately speak with our patient navigators today. Rolling Hills Recovery Center offers a free online or over-the-phone verification to help determine what you may be covered for.

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Check Your Coverage

You Could be Covered 100% for Treatment

Have Questions About Treatment At RHRC? Call Today!

  • All Calls are 100% Confidential

  • No Obligation to Treatment

  • Caring and Understanding Staff Ready to Help

  • Same Day Admissions

  • Transportation Assistance Available

Learn About Our Specialty Programs

At Rolling Hills Recovery Center, NJ, we have specially designed programs that accommodate all walks of life. Addiction does not discriminate, and neither do we.

Addiction treatment for first responders

We Support Our First Responders

First responders face many hurdles or barriers in their life that we do not usually face, and those barriers include on-duty death, post-trauma, and death in the line of duty (law enforcement).

Our Patient Navigators Are Here When You Need Them

Our experienced staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Call today and change your tomorrow.

Our Promise To Quality Content

The mission of Rolling Hills Recovery Center (RHRC) is to provide you with trustworthy, relevant, and accurate information about current events in addiction medicine and addiction treatment.


Relevant Topics

Content that reflects current, relevant information addressing substance use and mental health.


Evidence-Based Data

Information grounded in the most recent scientific data that affirms established best practices.


Clinically Relevant Data

We publish each item through a rigorous medical peer-review process to guarantee accuracy.

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  • Will insurance cover drug and alcohol rehab?
    Private insurance is the most common and effective payment method for addiction treatment. It can pay for a significant number, if not all, of your rehabilitation appointments. Thanks to the efforts by private lobbyists and the government, rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction is now a mandatory benefit under insurance after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • Paying for addiction treatment
    Ways to Pay for Addiction Treatment Here are the five points for financing that might be helpful for your treatment: ​ 1. Insurance 2. Self-Pay or Payment plan 3. Loan or second mortgage 4. Funding or Scholarships 5. Family Insurance ​ If a person has some benefits, they can use them for treatment and take advantage of insurance. If you use health insurance providers so that you can recover yourself from addiction because they collect payment regularly or they have scheduled their income as well. Self-Pay ​ The second method is self-pay, and in this method, you can pay for treatment in lump sums or months and create a payment plan so that you can pay weekly, monthly, or whatever you choose the way to treat. Loan ​ The third method to pay is a loan. You can take a loan or a second mortgage from those homeowners. Funding or Scholarships ​ If you do some research, then you can find a lot of funding or scholarships for you that are available to you there. Family The last method to pay is family. Your family can help you financially with your treatment. There are many options available for you as a key for financial assistance so that you can choose one of these methods for addiction treatment.
  • Will I lose my job if I go to rehab?
    Employees who get treatment for addiction while still at work are protected by the ADA and other laws like the MHPAEA, the ACA, and the Family Medical Leave Act, which all work together to make them eligible to return to work after the treatment.
  • How much does addiction treatment cost?
    Depending on your needs, treatment options for addiction vary from extensive medical detox to inpatient (or residential) care plans to less intensive outpatient ones. If your addiction is chronic or you are also grappling with a dual diagnosis, then long-term care at a residential facility is often the best option; but it is more costly. It's even more expensive when your situation necessitates the consultation of many specialists and the administration of costly drugs.
  • When is it time to go to rehab?
    Many believe that a person does not need to go to rehab, even if they struggle with the most severe addiction withdrawal symptoms. Still, studies show that last year almost 100,000 people died in the United States due to substance use disorder or overdoses. As 22 million people are suffering from addiction to either drugs or alcohol, there is a need to talk about this subject more casually. Many people don’t go to rehab because they feel ashamed of being addicted. There is a need to make them realize that no one can judge them if they see any symptoms; they should decide to visit a rehab as soon as possible.

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