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OxyContin Abuse and Addiction

OxyContin Statistics

Abuse of OxyContin is increasing day by day. Even though the government has started many campaigns against it, it is still not in control. Most teenagers and adults are abusing OxyContin. So, here we will tell you about OxyContin statistics & abuse and its precautions. So, you will know how dangerous addiction is.

What is OxyContin?

OxyContin is a palliative drug that is made from Oxycodone. Oxycodone is a substance used for physiological relief from pain. This painkiller is found in all opioid medicines, but its abuse is dangerous. This is because it takes little time to turn from abuse to addiction. A person who takes OxyContin even once can get addicted to it; they will start taking this drug whenever they feel pain, not knowing a dependency may be forming.

Abuse of OxyContin

Below are the common reasons for abuse of OxyContin:

  • People suffering from chronic pain are often addicted to it. It makes them feel they cannot tolerate the pain without OxyContin. Therefore, the person will use it again & again, possibly getting addicted.

  • Cancer patients can also be addicted to it because they are suffering from pain also. Usually, doctors recommend this painkiller but with a limitation. After they start using it, they will feel relief. For this reason, they may get addicted to it quickly.

  • Migraines can also lead to addiction to OxyContin. If we use it for severe pain, there is a greater chance we may also use it for less pain.

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Statistics on OxyContin Abuse

People addicted to OxyContin are more likely to be teenagers and adults. We see high usage of OxyContin in teenagers ranging from 12-24. They are not mature enough to tolerate chronic pains or migraines. Thus, they might start using them as a pain killer. They will gradually start using it more, which will become an addiction. 9.9% of teenagers are abusing OxyContin, according to a nationwide inspection.


Adults aged 25 and above may use it for chronic headaches, back pains, or other chronic pains such as migraines. OxyContin commonly treats migraines, but it is hazardous to use OxyContin as a treatment. A person should avoid it and endure the pain of the migraine so they will not become addicted. Unfortunately, 15% of adults are addicted to OxyContin, according to federal surveys.

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Risk of OxyContin Abuse

According to health specialists, OxyContin can damage the respiratory system if a person is addicted to it and doesn't address it on time. Its abuse can also lead to kidney and liver problems. This can also lead to death if not treated.


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OxyContin abuse is rising daily, which is dangerous for the population. A person suffering from pain would often use this painkiller. They will not even notice that they have developed an addiction to it. This is because the person will lose their patience to endure pain so OxyContin can be dangerous for mental and physical health. Hence, it should be treated as soon as possible.

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