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SMART Recovery

Where personal develpment meets recovery
What is smart recovery?

Where Personal Development Meets Recovery

Finding treatment for addiction recovery can be a daunting task. One could easily be weighed down with so many decisions and choices to choose from.


Addiction within itself is a challenging circumstance; the last thing the individual battling it needs is more confusion and prehension while struggling to find help.


SMART Recovery understands that there is no one size fits in addiction recovery. Going the SMART Recovery way is putting your recovery and well-being into your own hands. It’s accepting that you alone have the power to change your situation by a strategic plan and method backed by scientific proof and evidence.

So, is SMART Recovery right for you? Only you can answer that, but here are the main ideas and methods behind SMART Recovery that could help you make the decision.

What is SMART Recovery?

(S)elf-(M)management (A)and (R)ecovery (T)raining


The S in smart recovery stands for Self; One of the critical principles in Smart recovery is that you have the power to create your own life the way you want it. Your recovery is essentially in your hands, and you have all the ability to heal from addiction (with, of course, the help of proven methods and practices). 


The M stands for management; Smart recovery believes addiction is managed through a series of scientific evidence of prevention methods. Much like 12-step programs, Smart recovery has a set of its steps to recovery.


The R stands for recovery; Just like any other intervention and recovery group, recovery is the number one goal and the focused result.


The T stands for Training; The goal of any recovery group or intervention is to provide training and tools for the participant to be able to handle their addictions and cravings in the real world. SMART recovery ensures that tailored tools and training to meet the individual needs of all participants are available. 


SMART Recovery is a support group and recovery program tailored to fit its attendees' individual needs. SMART recovery aims to help its clients gain the skills and competency they need to overcome addiction and urges to use.

Support Group

Medically Reviewed:


Rolling Hills Recovery Center

Expert Contributor

Dr. Williams presently serves on the board of Directors for two non-profit service organizations. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University, Philadelphia, Pa, and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and University. In Cincinnati, Ohio. He is licensed to practice addictions counseling in both New Jersey and Connecticut and has a pending application as a practicing Psychologist in New Jersey.

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The 12-step program

The 12-Step Program:

SMART Recovery is secular and scientifically based. This means the methods used in dealing with addiction are nonspiritual or religious instead backed by scientific evidence. Smart recovery does not teach powerlessness like 12-step programs, nor do they teach a need for a higher power.


SMART RECOVERY puts a significant emphasis on self-reliance and self-help.


When describing attendees, you will never hear words like “addict” or “alcoholic” and other self-identifying addiction terms. Smart recovery does not consider addiction as a self-defeating aspect of a person, but rather a condition that one may find themselves in that they can be healed from.

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What is smart recovery's belief

What Is SMART Recovery’s Belief?

SMART Recovery believes that the power to cure addiction is within the attendee. Addiction is looked at through scientific lenses as a chemical imbalance, a condition that can be solved through treatment, therapy, support, and medication.


SMART Recovery does not consider its members addicts; terms like alcoholics, drug addicts, junkies, etc., are not used.

What is SMART Recovery's Method of Treatment?

Smart recovery methods
How can I start smart recovery?
  • Will insurance cover drug and alcohol rehab?
    Private insurance is the most common and effective payment method for addiction treatment. It can pay for a significant number, if not all, of your rehabilitation appointments. Thanks to the efforts by private lobbyists and the government, rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction is now a mandatory benefit under insurance after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • Paying for addiction treatment
    Ways to Pay for Addiction Treatment Here are the five points for financing that might be helpful for your treatment: ​ 1. Insurance 2. Self-Pay or Payment plan 3. Loan or second mortgage 4. Funding or Scholarships 5. Family Insurance ​ If a person has some benefits, they can use them for treatment and take advantage of insurance. If you use health insurance providers so that you can recover yourself from addiction because they collect payment regularly or they have scheduled their income as well. Self-Pay ​ The second method is self-pay, and in this method, you can pay for treatment in lump sums or months and create a payment plan so that you can pay weekly, monthly, or whatever you choose the way to treat. Loan ​ The third method to pay is a loan. You can take a loan or a second mortgage from those homeowners. Funding or Scholarships ​ If you do some research, then you can find a lot of funding or scholarships for you that are available to you there. Family The last method to pay is family. Your family can help you financially with your treatment. There are many options available for you as a key for financial assistance so that you can choose one of these methods for addiction treatment.
  • Will I lose my job if I go to rehab?
    Employees who get treatment for addiction while still at work are protected by the ADA and other laws like the MHPAEA, the ACA, and the Family Medical Leave Act, which all work together to make them eligible to return to work after the treatment.
  • How much does addiction treatment cost?
    Depending on your needs, treatment options for addiction vary from extensive medical detox to inpatient (or residential) care plans to less intensive outpatient ones. If your addiction is chronic or you are also grappling with a dual diagnosis, then long-term care at a residential facility is often the best option; but it is more costly. It's even more expensive when your situation necessitates the consultation of many specialists and the administration of costly drugs.
  • When is it time to go to rehab?
    Many believe that a person does not need to go to rehab, even if they struggle with the most severe addiction withdrawal symptoms. Still, studies show that last year almost 100,000 people died in the United States due to substance use disorder or overdoses. As 22 million people are suffering from addiction to either drugs or alcohol, there is a need to talk about this subject more casually. Many people don’t go to rehab because they feel ashamed of being addicted. There is a need to make them realize that no one can judge them if they see any symptoms; they should decide to visit a rehab as soon as possible.

SMART Recovery is based on a 4 point treatment method:

Point 1: Building and Maintaining Motivation

Point 2: Coping with Urges

Point 3: Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

Point 4: Living a Balanced Life

How Can I Start SMART Recovery?

The process is quite simple. You can look up the closest location to you online. Information about their hours of operation will be available. A number and address will be there also. You do not need insurance, and SMART recovery is entirely free.


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How do I know smart recovery is right for me?

How Do I Know SMART Recovery Is Right For Me?

If traditional faith-based programs don't work for you, if you are looking for something more self-empowering backed and proven by science, something that just doesn’t fit the traditional recovery theme, then SMART recovery may be a better option. The only way to be 100% sure is to try a SMART RECOVERY session out for yourself.


Find a local SMART Recovery meeting near you, and take the first step towards recovery… Your life and sobriety are in your hands, and SMART Recovery can help.

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