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How Long Is Alcohol Rehab?

Quitting alcohol can be scary, not to mention the risky psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, several treatment options are available, and the length of each depends on the program and you. Treatment lengths differ from individual to individual; however, your primary focus should be on recovering and achieving a sober life.


We recommend alcohol treatment for 28 days at Rolling Hills Recovery Center. However, some people benefit from more extended programs of 60 to 90 days or even longer.

Alcohol Rehab Timelines

Generally, alcohol rehabs don't have a set time because of the unique needs of the patients. However, a treatment program may last between 7 to 10 days and continues for as long as the patient requires support and treatment. The standard alcohol programs are divided into four categories, each having an average length.


Doctors often combine two or more treatment programs to suit the patient and ensure abstinence. Treatment usually occurs in detox centers, inpatient or residential rehabs, partial hospitalization, or outpatient programs. These categories include:

  • 28-day treatment options

  • 30-day rehabs

  • 60-day rehabs

  • 90-day extended care

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28-Day Alcohol Treatment Programs

A 28-day treatment plan lasts for 28 days. They help treat alcohol use disorder for individuals with mild cases of alcohol abuse and help kick-start the process of recovery. Afterward, joining a support group or intensive treatment care is crucial to enhance treatment and maintain sobriety; however, your doctor may also offer follow-up counseling sessions. 


28-day treatment options usually begin with a detox program lasting up to seven days. For the next 21 days, your doctor creates a treatment plan focused on assessment and intensive counseling. Counseling involves helping patients understand the root cause for using alcohol, techniques to help manage alcohol cravings and triggers, and initial cognitive therapy or behavior adjustments.


Who Can Enroll At A 28-Day Alcohol Treatment Program?

People with pressing personal responsibilities like returning to school, family, social, or work may benefit from short-term alcohol treatment at a residential facility.


At Rolling Hills Recovery Center, we recommend outpatient alcohol rehab once completing a 28-day treatment program to reduce the possibility of alcohol relapse. It is important to note that, even when undergoing a short-term program, ensure you have a robust support system to help you recover. Your support system may comprise trusted people from your family or social circle; who can help you avoid relapse.

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30-Day Alcohol Rehab Programs

One-month rehab occurs at a residential or inpatient treatment program to help you start recovery. You live at the treatment facility while receiving 24/7 monitoring and various forms of support and treatment. Inpatient facilities remove everyday life's distractions, allowing you to participate in group therapies and support groups.


Inpatient alcohol centers provide a safe space for alcohol recovery through constant medical support, medication treatments, and monitoring. They also provide the best continuity for care, meaning you can transition from one treatment program to another in the same facility. Recovery often starts with detoxification to reduce the risks of potential complications or dangerous symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal.


Benefits of A 30-Day Rehab

Once done with treatment, aftercare services are put into place to prevent relapse or transitioning into other treatment programs like sober living homes or outpatient treatment. Though 30-day rehabs are short-term treatment plans, you still receive treatments offered in longer-term facilities, including medications and behavioral therapies like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Enhancement Therapy, etc.

Additionally, these therapies help you identify and address co-occurring issues, underlying medical conditions, personality conditions, and day-to-day challenges.

Treatment at Rolling Hills Recovery Center

60-Day Alcohol Rehab Programs

60-day treatment rehabs require you to stay at the treatment center for 60 days or two months. The treatment offered in these facilities differs from one center to another because they are uniquely created to suit the needs of their patients. However, doctors typically combine therapies like individual, group, or family counseling, medications, and 12- step programs.


60-day treatment rehabs are ideal for people with chronic alcohol abuse. It is hard to know if you fit a 60-day treatment plan because diagnosing alcoholism is complicated. Hence, consult with your doctor if this treatment plan would be ideal for you.


These rehabs begin with a doctor's evaluation, detox, and creating a treatment plan that suits your needs. Afterward, you undergo medicated assisted treatment, therapy, counseling, support groups, and aftercare plans or follow-up counseling.


Evaluation enables your doctor to identify if you have any co-occurring conditions, which they treat simultaneously if you have a dual diagnosis.


The Benefits of  a 60-Day Program

60-day programs offer additional treatment, medical support, and time to stop using alcohol and develop positive behaviors that help you maintain a sober life. Two months of therapy sessions allow you to work through behavioral, familial, or situational conditions that may have contributed to your alcohol use disorder.

90-Day Extended Care Alcohol Rehab Programs

Three months of a controlled, safe, and monitored environment allows you to stop using alcohol safely. Additionally, you build and develop positive habits that help you recover, even beyond rehab. Behavioral therapies are a primary part of 90-day rehab and help you uncover any underlying conditions causing the alcohol abuse.


Though 90-day rehabs seem complicated and intimidating, they have shown the highest rate of relapse prevention success. Doctors recommend the 90-stay at a rehab facility for individuals struggling with severe or long-term alcohol use disorder. These programs have a similar structure to the others, from intake and evaluation, therapy, detox, counseling, and finally, aftercare plans.


90-day rehabs give you enough time to adjust to a life without alcohol, strengthen your coping skills and help you identify potential drug triggers.


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Get Help For Alcohol Use Disorder At Rolling Hills Recovery Center

Alcohol rehab is the first step of sober living. The knowledge you gain, skills you develop, and adjustments you make become the foundation for your recovery. Schedule a free consultation with our team of professional doctors to create a customized treatment plan for alcohol use disorder or any co-occurring disorders at Rolling Hills Recovery Center.

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