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Percocet Abuse and Addiction

Percocet Statistics

Percocet is a prescription painkiller that many people misuse. Despite the risks, Percocet remains one of the most popular drugs on the market. Here are some statistics about Percocet abuse that you should know.

What is Percocet?

Although this may be true for many prescription painkillers, Percocet is not an opioid. Instead, it is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone. People often use it as a substitute for other opioid analgesics. 


Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid analogous to the naturally occurring opioid, Morphine. Acetaminophen is a popular over-the-counter (OTC) painkiller to treat minor aches and pains.


It was first approved in 1981. Since then, Percocet has become one of the most abused prescription painkillers in the United States. Besides the misuse of Percocet, it has also become a popular drug to add to energy drinks.


Percocet treats mild to moderate pain and aids in the treatment of fibromyalgia. You can also take it to overcome the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis and moderate to severe menstrual cramps.

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Percocet Abuse

Percocet is a very safe drug. However, the risk of Percocet abuse increases when combined with alcohol. When Percocet is combined with alcohol, the effects are more potent.


Percocet is also known to cause liver damage. It is a widespread side effect of Percocet abuse. Liver damage can occur in a matter of days or weeks. People abuse Percocet because it is easy to obtain. Several local drugstores supply this product.


Percocet overdose symptoms include extreme anxiety, sweating, confusion, dizziness, and vomiting. A high blood level of oxycodone usually causes these symptoms.

Risk Factors

Many risk factors can cause people to abuse Percocet. They include:



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A patient navigator is ready to help. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help 24 hours a day.


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Percocet Addiction Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Percocet is the second most abused prescription painkiller in the United States. It is also the second most used prescription painkiller in the world. Percocet is so common that it has even been classified as a “drug of abuse” by the World Health Organization (WHO).


The CDC also reports that Percocet is the third most abused prescription painkiller in the United States. 


There were almost 7,000 emergency room visits in 2016 due to Percocet misuse. This is the highest number of visits in over ten years. The increase in emergency room visits is due to the rise in opioid abuse in the United States.


According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), Percocet abuse increased from 2013 to 2016. In 2013, the rate of Percocet overdose was 4.6%, while in 2016, it was 8%.


In the United States, Percocet abuse is a significant concern. There is no time to waste if you or a loved one is addicted to Percocet. Recovery is attainable for those who need it, and many services are available to assist those in need. After that, you'll be able to start living a sober life.

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