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Vicodin Abuse and Addiction

Vicodin Statistics

Vicodin has both been used and abused. However, before approaching its abuses, we should understand “Vicodin.” Do you know what Vicodin is and why people prefer to use it?


If the answer is no, here is a brief lesson on Vicodin. It is the name of the medication that combines acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Vicodin works as a painkiller that may relieve your pain. People mainly desire to take this drug because they enjoy its effects and get an addiction to it. Taking Vicodin is safe for you if your doctor prescribes it. Vicodin does not cause any issues when you use it for a short period. An individual who is taking Vicodin means they are taking an opioid. We can also say that Vicodin addiction is opioid addiction. Opioid addiction is also well-known as an opioid use disorder.

Symptoms of Vicodin Abuse

Furthermore, let’s start to discuss Vicodin abuse. If we are suffering from pain, then we choose to take painkillers. But people take painkillers in large amounts. Overdosing on medicine can cause health issues. Overdosing on a painkiller is not suitable for anyone. If you abuse Vicodin, you can experience the following symptoms:

  • Slow breathing 

  • Abdominal pain

  • Anxiety

  • Poor decision making

  • Thrilling tiredness 

  • Depression

  • Coma

  • Yellowish eyes/urine

  • Dearth of motivation

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What Happens if Vicodin Abuse Goes Untreated?

Vicodin is vital in relieving your pain after a severe injury or surgery. If a person leaves this addiction untreated, it may lead to a mental disorder or affect their health. While in some cases, it may lead to death when a person does not get treatment on time. So if you are overdosing on Vicodin, you will need immediate medical attention. Professional doctors will look after your treatment needs. They will treat you through detoxification, counseling, and medications according to the severity of your condition.

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Dr. Williams presently serves on the board of Directors for two non-profit service organizations. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University, Philadelphia, Pa, and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and University. In Cincinnati, Ohio. He is licensed to practice addictions counseling in both New Jersey and Connecticut and has a pending application as a practicing Psychologist in New Jersey.

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Vicodin Statistics

Statistic experts estimated a death ratio for those who abuse Vicodin. The American death ratio is more than 115 when someone overdoses on Vicodin. Studies have found that the UK is the highest opioid-consuming country globally. Therefore, it is essential to know the Vicodin statistics to better understand the risk factors associated with Vicodin addiction.

A few of the statistics for Vicodin are:

  • A Vicodin tablet may contain 32 mg of acetaminophen.

  • It has 5mg, 7.5mg, and 10mg hydrocodone. 

  • According to the DEA, hydrocodone is the most prescribed opioid. About 80 million prescriptions are given to patients in a year.


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A patient navigator is ready to help. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help 24 hours a day.


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Treatment is essential if you and your loved one struggle with Vicodin abuse. Experts are also available to assist you in the best way they can. You need to understand the loss after getting addicted to this medication. It will not only affect your mental or physical health, but it can cause significant brain issues. If a person is abusing Vicodin, it can also have some impact on their friends or family. It will not let you focus on your career as well. If you want to live your everyday life, do not use Vicodin longer than prescribed.

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Vicodin statistics
Symptoms of Vicodin abuse
What happens if Vicodin abuse goes untreated?
Vicodin stats
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