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When Is It Time To Go To Rehab?

About 21.7 million individuals across the United States need treatment for substance abuse; however, only a minority of those who need it receive it. It's common for folks to put off getting help at a rehab center since they don't think they need it.


Or maybe they don't get treatment because they are too embarrassed or worried about the cost. Below are eight indicators that you or someone you know needs to enter a rehabilitation center for substance abuse.

8 Signs That Rehab Is Necessary

Unfortunately, many individuals who may benefit from treatment for drug abuse do not get it. These excuses often revolve around believing that the addict's condition isn't severe enough to need help. While there is no foolproof method for determining whether one requires therapy, such ideas typically indicate the need for such assistance.

1. Your Life Now Revolves Around Your Substance Usage

For one to consider entering a rehab facility, their life must have become dependent on drugs or alcohol. Individuals who spend most of their time with their friends while using drugs or drinking alcohol usually have difficulty being without them. This is when a person gets in a rut and can't seem to break free from their dependency on drugs or alcohol.


One indication that you may require treatment is when your entire life revolves around substance use. If you find yourself preoccupied with your habits and behaviors or your substance use, this may be an early sign that you have a problem.

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2. You Feel Depressed or Hopeless


When you feel depressed and hopeless about your situation, there's a good chance that your substance abuse affects your well-being. Talk with a therapist if you can't figure out why your situation is so dire.


It will be easier for you to confront your demons if you first understand what has you feeling so hopeless. The fact that you are feeling this way indicates that your recovery is at risk. The longer you don't attend to your issues, the harder it will be for you to move forward.

3. Your Drug Use Has Grown More Intense


You need rehab if you're using drugs more frequently or in larger quantities than you used to. This indicates that your substance abuse is becoming an issue for you.


It is important to remember that substance abuse is a disease of addiction. If your drug use is increasing and you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit, your problem has worsened. This can make it challenging to stop without help.

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Dr. Williams presently serves on the board of Directors for two non-profit service organizations. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University, Philadelphia, Pa, and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and University. In Cincinnati, Ohio. He is licensed to practice addictions counseling in both New Jersey and Connecticut and has a pending application as a practicing Psychologist in New Jersey.

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4. You Fail To Get On Top Of Your Addictions

When an individual fails to get treatment for substance abuse, it generally means that they have an addiction that is causing them problems.


You may be in denial if you avoid getting help because you don't think your issues are severe enough. You may also be afraid that you won't be able to handle the treatment you need. But either way, these are all excellent reasons to seek help.

5. Your Health Is At Stake


Substance abuse has a wide range of adverse effects on the mind and the body. The chemicals themselves may have a role in producing some of these effects.


Abuse of drugs and alcohol may cause a broad spectrum of symptoms that can vary from relatively minor to extremely dangerous. Substance addiction can be a contributing factor in the development of any pattern of undesirable mental, emotional, or behavioral changes.

For example, an alcohol problem can cause damage to the liver and the brain, which in turn makes the user more susceptible to serious health problems. This means that addicts must get help for their drug use as soon as possible.

6. Your Job and Relationship With Others Are on the Line

If you have lost your job or suffered relationship problems because of your drug abuse, chances are that you should get help. Addiction can disrupt work and personal relationships when it gets out of hand. This is something that may be difficult to see on your own.


A counselor or rehab expert can evaluate your situation and help you find ways to cope with what you have experienced.


Many people struggle with addiction on their own. It is common to feel ashamed and isolate oneself when faced with this issue. However, friends and family members who know about your addiction and honestly care about you will want to help in any way they can. If you know they can help, please ask them to get help for you.

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A patient navigator is ready to help. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help 24 hours a day.


7. You Have Difficulty Managing Day-to-Day Activities


For addicts, it is difficult to be productive while using drugs, as the substances take away some of the mental capacity they need to function correctly.


This could cause job loss, missing classes, or an inability to keep up with everyday tasks. It's a sign that the individual needs treatment when the individual is experiencing issues functioning daily.

8. You Cannot Quit Even If You Want To


The desire to stop using drugs is widespread in the early stages of recovery. However, it is essential to understand that your addiction has progressed past this stage. As a result, you must go to rehab if you want to live a drug-free life. If you aren't able to do so, it can be dangerous for you.


Also, some people think that if they are ready to stop using drugs and alcohol, they can give up the habit and return to normal. There are several reasons why this type of thinking is wrong.


The most obvious reason is that drug and alcohol cravings continue throughout sobriety. Even while some addicts feel a significant amount of guilt for their actions, the reality is that they cannot stop until the underlying problems with their self-esteem, life, relationships, finances, and self-confidence have been dealt with.

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8 signs that rehab is necessary
Your job and relationships with others are on the line
You have difficulty managing day-to-day activities
You cannot quit even if you want to

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Your life now revolves around your substance usage
You feel depressed or hopeless
Your drug use has grown more intense
You fail to get on top of your addiction
Your health is at stake
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