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Meth Rehab and Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

According to the FDA, methamphetamine is a schedule II drug - a dangerously addictive substance affecting the central nervous system. Like other Amphetamines, doctors use meth to treat narcolepsy, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and more. Some doctors may use meth as a short-term weight loss agent to manage obesity.

According to the National Institute of Health, overdose deaths from meth increased at a rate of 180% between 2015 and 2019. This rate is typical for Americans aged 18 to 64. Contact Rolling Hills Recovery Center today; our meth rehab and addiction treatment program in New Jersey will help you towards recovery.

Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey combines counseling, therapy, and detox to treat patients:



Detox helps you move from being controlled by the drug chemicals within your body to rehab. The detox stage comes first, eliminates the toxic drug from your system, and allows you to live without dependence on the drug. However, you face mild to lethal withdrawal effects.


It is essential for a medical provider to monitor your vital signs and prescribe medications during detox constantly. For instance, benzodiazepine medications help reduce the effects of panic and agitation for patients in detox. Once detox ends, your doctor may advise you to seek other services like counseling.


Therapy for Meth Addictions

Counseling is another aspect of rehab and targets your psychological needs and recovery. Your therapist will help you understand the underlying mental conditions that cause you to abuse meth. Additionally, you will realize the damage meth has caused you and learn ways to prevent future relapse.


Counseling for meth addiction uses various therapy strategies to offer emotional, physical, and mental support. Treating meth addiction through therapy has shown tremendous results for those patients. Some standard methods used in meth rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey include:

  • Contingency Management; uses motivational incentives with tangible rewards to entice individuals to stay sober. As you keep attending sessions and avoid drug use, the rewards increase in value.

  • The Matrix Model; is a comprehensive system with wholesome therapeutic techniques that ensures you recover quickly. Some of the methods used in the matrix model include family therapy and education, behavioral therapy, drug testing, and individual therapy. Your doctor will also encourage you to attend 12-step programs and help you take up desirable behaviors like avoiding meth abuse.

  • Conative-Behavioral Therapy; prevents future relapse by helping individuals develop coping skills and help them identify the high-risk situations for meth abuse. CBT is effective in avoiding meth addiction and other co-occurring conditions like anxiety. Additionally, your therapist will ensure you know how to manage your cravings and help you change harmful behaviors.

  • Narrative Therapy; story-telling is an effective way of helping individuals find new hope and meaning in their lives. Personal stories help others evaluate how their lives contribute to drug use and mend those behaviors, feelings, and thoughts.


Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

It is essential to find proper treatment when you have developed an addiction to meth. This is because meth addiction is hard to overcome, and you can’t do it alone. Your therapist will refer you to an inpatient program when you develop chronic meth addiction.


Inpatient rehabs in New Jersey remove you from the daily triggers and allow you to stay at the recovery centers, depending on your recovery needs. These programs may end once you have met your recovery needs. On the other hand, outpatient treatment centers help treat mild cases of meth addiction.


Any meth rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey will ensure you get the needed help. Your doctor evaluates you, understands your needs, and helps you with a recovery plan. 

Rolling Hills Recovery Center NJ

Did you Know Rolling Hills Recovery Center is Located Right in Northern New Jersey?

The overall goal of Rolling Hill Recovery Center is to increase the quality of life of the persons served through the provision of our services. The primary focus at Rolling Hills Recovery Center is to provide a safe therapeutic environment for individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

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Dr. Williams presently serves on the board of Directors for two non-profit service organizations. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University, Philadelphia, Pa, and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and University. In Cincinnati, Ohio. He is licensed to practice addictions counseling in both New Jersey and Connecticut and has a pending application as a practicing Psychologist in New Jersey.

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Medicated-Assisted Treatments for Meth

Unfortunately, the FDA has not yet approved any drugs suitable for treating meth addiction. It is important to note that meth withdrawal effects may not be as fatal as other drugs. However, some doctors prescribe certain medications to manage specific symptoms.


For instance, your doctor may prescribe antidepressants to manage intense depressive symptoms. Trazodone and Benadryl are commonly known for managing insomnia, especially during detox.

Furthermore, some researchers are going on to find medications that will reduce meth cravings and future relapses. There have been early results from clinical testing using placebo-controlled Phase III trials. This research combined bupropion and naltrexone and revealed a high potential for people struggling with meth disorders.

Why Recover With RHRC?

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Rolling Hills Recovery Center is dedicated to your success. We provide evidence-based treatments backed by science and holistic therapies that heal the mind, body, and spirit.

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After Care and Support Groups

Ongoing support after meth rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey is crucial because it ensures long-term recovery. Joining a meth support group will help you maintain sobriety, connect with like-minded individuals and implement what you learn in rehab. Some common support groups include Crystal Meth Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.


These support groups use 12-step programs to offer a safe space and camaraderie with people in the same recovery situation. 12-step programs allow you to take a personal inventory of your day-to-day life, support others through story-telling and make restitution to the injured ones. Ensure you enroll in one as soon as you finish with meth rehab.


Another model used in aftercare support groups is the SMART Recovery system (Self-Management and Recovery Training). SMART Recovery combines the 12-step mutual support program and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) elements.

Treatment at Rolling Hills Recovery Center

Does Insurance Cover Meth Rehab and Addiction Treatment in New Jersey?

Many people wonder if you can use insurance to pay for meth rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey. Insurance coverages can pay for some meth rehab and related expenses. However, you need to first check with the treatment center.

Some treatment facilities in New Jersey accept insurance coverage, while others do not. Others take some federal and state insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid.


Rolling Hills Recovery Center Is Here For You. Verify Your Insurance Today.

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Rolling Hills Recovery Center is Ready to Help

Rolling Hills Recovery Center understands that meth addiction may seem unmanageable, but our therapists are ready to help. We work with you to create an individualized plan, determine any underlying causes, and walk you through recovery. Our meth rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey will help you win victory over meth abuse, achieve a healthy life and live soberly.  

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Does insurance cover meth rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey?
Rolling Hills Recovery Center is ready to help

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