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Salem County, NJ Addiction Treatment Resources Guide

Salem County, New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guide

Alcohol and drug addictions are significant public health problems in the United States. Every state and county is making efforts to address this issue. In the fight against this epidemic, Salem County is undoubtedly contributing in some way.


If you or a loved one lives in Salem County and is directly or indirectly impacted by drug and alcohol addiction, please read this guide to the end for some helpful information regarding substance use disorders.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options in Salem County, New Jersey

When someone requires therapy for a disorder, they first wish to know the sort of help accessible. Reputable treatment facilities in Salem County are available to anyone in need of assistance in waging and winning the battle against substance abuse and alcoholism. This county's capacity of treatment centers that treat an array of addictive drugs, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, prescription medications, fentanyl, and inhalants, is a point of pride for those working in these institutions. In addition, most rehabs in Salem are geared to aid persons suffering from drug addiction.


Addiction recovery centers in Salem County, New Jersey, offer a broad array of treatments, including:


  • Medical detox

  • Residential (inpatient) treatment programs

  • Psychological therapies

  • MATs (Medication-Assisted Treatments)

  • Dual diagnosis (treatment for co-occurring disorders)

  • Follow-up initiatives


Pre-Treatment Services

Evaluation, case management (CM), motivational counseling services, care coordination, and, in some instances, access to a rehabilitation mentor may all be part of the preliminary measures to help pave the way for formalized rehabilitation programs.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)

Substance abuse treatment centers in New Jersey may provide a reduced level of care, known as partial hospitalization. It's a transitional program for those leaving intensive rehab care. The average weekly patient time at this level of service is six hours. You will participate in both individual and group psychotherapy, as well as attend educational seminars. In addition, you get to sleep at home throughout the night, unlike in an inpatient (residential treatment) program.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are another option for those seeking addiction treatment in Salem County. Patients in intensive outpatient programs often transition from PHP when their health improves. You should expect to spend three to five days per week in an IOP program. People at this level of care often continue treatment until they feel ready to return to regular functioning and full-time employment.

Outpatient Programs (OPs)

The OP method is the least structured approach to treating addiction in Salem County, New Jersey. When receiving therapy in an outpatient environment, you may be required to attend sessions one to three times per week for three hours. Patients who have finished an inpatient program or have careers or other commitments may benefit from receiving treatment on an outpatient basis.

Detoxification Services

Detox services are available at most New Jersey rehabilitation institutions for substance abuse. This is because the intense discomfort associated with detoxing from a substance might sabotage any progress in overcoming the addiction. Detoxification from drugs involves assistance from trained medical professionals to minimize the risks associated with quitting drugs. Medical detox aims to lessen any discomfort patients may have throughout this period.

Inpatient Programs (IPs)

For those needing a more structured substance abuse treatment service in Salem County, New Jersey, inpatient (residential) programs provide the convenience of having patients live, dine, and sleep at the treatment center. You reside at the facility and regularly participate in the many therapy types, including individual, group, and family sessions. After learning the fundamentals of sobriety from IPs, patients are permitted to return home.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) uses certain FDA-approved prescription medicines to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and allow patients to concentrate on their therapy, resulting in faster recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Most Salem County, NJ patients who need addiction treatment also suffer from a mental illness. Thus, addiction therapy often includes not just addressing the underlying alcoholism or drug dependency but also any co-occurring mental health disorders such as:


  • Depression

  • Bipolar disorders

  • Schizophrenia

  • Anxiety

  • Borderline personality disorders

  • OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Rolling Hills Recovery Center NJ

Did you Know Rolling Hills Recovery Center is Located Right in Northern New Jersey?

The overall goal of Rolling Hill Recovery Center is to increase the quality of life of the persons served through the provision of our services. The primary focus at Rolling Hills Recovery Center is to provide a safe therapeutic environment for individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

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Empire BCBS
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Value Options
Individualized Therapy

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Rolling Hills Recovery Center

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Dr. Williams presently serves on the board of Directors for two non-profit service organizations. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University, Philadelphia, Pa, and a Ph.D. with a concentration in Clinical Psychology from Union Institute and University. In Cincinnati, Ohio. He is licensed to practice addictions counseling in both New Jersey and Connecticut and has a pending application as a practicing Psychologist in New Jersey.

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Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Salem County, New Jersey

Unlike other health services, the cost of drug and alcohol treatment is determined by your unique needs; for example, if you have a history of drug relapse, your treatment will differ from a first-time patient in need of treatment and rehabilitation.


Factors such as your specific needs - including pregnancy, the period of your stay, services offered, location of the treatment facility, amenities offered at the facility, and your insurance policy, may directly affect the cost of your treatment.


Due to the personal nature of addictions, the cost of addiction treatment may vary depending on the level of treatment and associated services you may require. In Salem County, New Jersey, the average price of different types of treatment, according to the drug helpline, is as follows;


  • A 30-day medical-assisted drug detox may cost between $240–$850 per day.

  • Outpatient Care lasting 3 months may be priced at $1,450–$10,000.

  • You may pay between $3,100–$10,000 in Intensive Outpatient for up to 30 days.

  • Depending on your stay, $5,100–$80,000 for a residential treatment program.

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Salem County, New Jersey Addiction Statistics

In 2020, the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Human Services, received reports of 82,254 treatment admissions and 83,994 discharges through the NJ Substance Abuse Monitoring System's online form (NJSAMS).

In addition, the state's Substance Abuse Overview provided New Jersey's substance addiction treatment statistics for different counties. 855 residents of Salem County were admitted with various substance abuse cases, including;

  • 217 excessive alcohol consumption cases.

  • 369 reported using heroin.

  • Other opiates accounted for 52 patients.

  • 81 residents reported using cocaine.

  • 61 were found to be using marijuana.

  • 74 other drugs.

  • Heroin is the primary drug abused in Salem County, accounting for 43% of substance abuse cases.

Treatment at Rolling Hills Recovery Center

List of NA and AA Meetings and Government Helplines in or Near Salem County, New Jersey

During your recovery process, you may need to attend support group meetings, including NA meetings, as part of your treatment regime. Here are some meetings available within Salem and its environs.


Church of the Resurrection

186 East Commerce Street, Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Recovery and Survival


Sunday - 10:00 am 

Tuesday - 12:00 pm

Thursday - 12:00 pm

Friday - 7:30 pm



Assembly of God Church

328 N Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070

The Courage to Change


Sunday - 6:00 pm



Westside Methodist Church

214 Howard Street, Millville, NJ 08332

One Step at a Time


Sunday - 7:30 pm

Wednesday - 7:30 pm



First United Methodist Church

700 East Landis Ave, Vineland, NJ 08360

Good Orderly Direction


Rotating Format

Sunday - 7:30 pm

Monday - 7:30 pm



First Baptist Church of Woodstown

117 South Main Street, Woodstown, NJ 08098

Fireside at Woodstown


Rotating Format

Monday - 7:00 pm



South Vineland United Methodist Church

2724 South Main Road, Vineland, NJ 08360

There is No Place Like Home


Basic Text

Tuesday - 7:00 pm

Thursday - 7:00 pm



St John's Episcopal Church

76 Market Street, Salem, NJ 08079

Recovery is a Choice

Open (Rotating Format)

Tuesday - 7:00 pm


Harvest Bible Fellowship Church

439 Monroeville Road, Monroeville, NJ 08343

Surrender To Serenity

Open (Rotating Format)

Wednesday - 7:30 pm



First Baptist Church of Salem

130 West Broadway, Salem, NJ 08079

Why Are We Here

Open Rotating

Saturday - 8:00 pm


List of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in or Near Salem County, New Jersey


Here are some AA meetings available within Salem and its environs.

Pennsville Assembly of God Church

328 N Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070

Churchtown Group

Open Discussion Speaker

Wheelchair Access

Monday - 8:00 pm


Church of Nazarene

172 Churchtown Rd, Pennsville, NJ 08070

Happy Hour

Open Discussion

Tuesday - 8:00 pm


St. John's Episcopal Parish Hall

Grant St & NJ-45, Salem, NJ 08079 

Open Discussion Speaker

Wheelchair Access

Wednesday - 8:00 pm


Nuclear Training Center

244 Chestnut St, Salem, NJ 08079

Friday Nite Live

Open Discussion Speaker

Wheelchair Access

Friday - 8:00 pm


Government helplines that you may find helpful in Salem county, New Jersey, include;


Aging and Disability Resource Connection:

856-935-7510  ext. 8622


Alternative Youth Shelter (Shelter of Hope):

856-935-6275 / Fax  856-469-6003


Board of Social Services:

856-299-7200 / Fax  856-299-3245       


Disability Services:

856-935-7510 ext. 8622


Emergency Services:

856-769-2900 / Fax 856-769-4229


Health and Human Services:

856-935-7510 x8459 / Fax 856-935-5348 


Office on Aging Advisory Council:

856-339-8622 or 856-451-1207 ext. 8622


Office For Disability Services Advisory Council:

856-339-8622 or 856-451-1207 ext. 8622


Surrogate's Court:

856-935-7510 x8121 / Fax 856-339-9359           


Veterans' Services (Veterans Services Website):

856-339-8603 / Fax 856-878-4639          


Salem County Health Department:

Phone: 856-935-7510 / Fax: 856-935-5348


Emergency After Hours: 



Salem County Department of Health and Human Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services:

856-935-7510 ext 8449

Can You Use Insurance To Cover Addiction Treatment In Salem County, New Jersey

Except in exceptional circumstances, most insurance companies will pay for the cost of drug rehabilitation.


The Obama administration prioritized the inclusion of coverage for mental health and drug abuse services in the list of the ACA's 10 EHBs (essential health benefits). In light of this, Medicaid and the Health Insurance Exchange (Marketplace) plans must provide coverage for SUD treatment. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has ensured that mental health and drug addiction treatment are given the same priority as physical health issues like cancer, diabetes, and surgical procedures when it comes to their treatment.

Private Insurance

The United States of America, and Salem County, NJ, are home to many reputable healthcare providers. In addition, the essential health benefits required by the ACA are offered by a wide range of private insurance plans, although with varying degrees of quality and coverage.


Insurance companies that cover substance abuse in New Jersey's Salem County include:


  • Humana Health Insurance

  • Ambetter Insurance

  • United Healthcare Insurance

  • Veterans Insurance

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Cigna Insurance

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield


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Substance abuse disorder may be treated just like any other illness. However, the social stigma often linked with substance abuse should not prevent you from seeking help. Contact a reliable treatment center in Salem County, New Jersey, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction.

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Salem County, NJ drug and alcohol rehab guide
Drug and alcohol treatment options in Salem County, NJ
Cost of drug and alcohol rehab in Salem County, NJ
Salem County, New Jersey addiction statistics
List of AA and NA meetings in Salem County
Can you use insurance to cover addiction treatment in Salem County, NJ?

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