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Hudson County, NJ Addiction Treatment Resources Guide

Hudson County, New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guide

Beaches, Atlantic City, and the state's Boardwalk are among New Jersey's most famous attractions. These locations have a significant drinking culture, in addition to a wide variety of options when it comes to food and entertainment.


The drug problem unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction affects every area of this beautiful state, including Hudson County.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options in Hudson County, New Jersey

Drug Treatment in Hudson County, NJ

People in Hudson County, New Jersey, who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs have access to a wide variety of treatment options. In addition, Hudson County and the neighboring areas are home to several rehabilitation centers that can be researched further. 


With this guide's help, you will learn more about drug and alcohol treatment centers in Hudson County, New Jersey.


Types of Addiction Treatment Options in Hudson County, New Jersey

The State Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services in NJ licenses, monitors, and regulates substance misuse treatment providers across the state, including those in Hudson County. It provides a full spectrum of services offered by independent drug treatment facilities. Your local county will determine which public, non-profit, and private service providers are available to you. The following categories of therapeutic alternatives are available to people in Hudson County, New Jersey:


Medical Detoxification

Depending on the substance to which a person is addicted, the acute withdrawal symptoms can range from unpleasant to potentially fatal. Medical detoxification provides a safe and comfortable environment for people making the difficult but necessary transition from active drug abuse to sobriety.


Residential Treatment

When you come to a residential (inpatient) drug treatment center, you are expected to stay in the treatment facility for the entirety of the time that you are receiving treatment.


Most programs typically center on group counseling and drug education, but patients may also participate in other forms of treatment, such as holistic therapies, hobbies, and individual counseling.


Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)

This form of an outpatient rehab program is similar to residential treatment but generally requires six hours of therapy per day, five days weekly. In a PHP, people keep their everyday routines while undergoing therapy.


Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is an option for those who don't require medically supervised detoxification but still need help with mental health and SUDs. It includes many different forms of psychotherapy, such as family therapy, individual psychoeducation, group psychotherapy, and techniques for encouraging patients to engage in their recovery actively.


By its very nature, IOP is a small-scale operation that doesn't need the full range of services provided by more critical, more complete treatment centers, such as inpatient or partial-day programs.

Outpatient Programs (OPs)

Outpatient rehabilitation is a treatment approach that does not need patients to stay in an inpatient or hospital setting overnight. It's a workable, flexible alternative for those who need treatment for substance misuse issues but cannot take enough time away from their busy schedules.

Rolling Hills Recovery Center NJ

Did you Know Rolling Hills Recovery Center is Located Right in Northern New Jersey?

The overall goal of Rolling Hill Recovery Center is to increase the quality of life of the persons served through the provision of our services. The primary focus at Rolling Hills Recovery Center is to provide a safe therapeutic environment for individuals struggling with substance use disorder.

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Individualized Therapy

Rolling Hills Recovery Center, 425 Main St. Chester, NJ 07930


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Rolling Hills Recovery Center

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Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hudson County, New Jersey

Rehab charges vary from state to state. The rehab cost also depends on various factors, including the level of care, type of facility, size of the program, and more. However, the average cost of rehab by zone and county, according to the National Drug Statistics, is:

  • Detox rehab charges from $300 to $800 daily.

  • Fully equipped inpatient charges range from $2,000 to $25,000 for 30 days.

  • Outpatient programs may start from zero because of fully funded rehabs to $10,000, depending on the offered amenities for thirty days.

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Rolling Hills Recovery Center is dedicated to your success. We provide evidence-based treatments backed by science and holistic therapies that heal the mind, body, and spirit.

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Hudson County, New Jersey Addiction Statistics

According to the substance abuse overview of New Jersey, the year ending in August 2021 recorded the following addiction statistics in Hudson County, NJ:


Heroin (39%), alcohol (26%), and marijuana (19%) affect most of Hudson County's population. However, these are not the only drugs in Hudson County: Cocaine (5%), other opiates (5%), and other drugs (6%). Women below 18 abuse more alcohol than men: female (75%) and male (25%). In contrast, men aged 18 to 24 abuse more alcohol than women Men (59%) and women (41%).


Most people admitted to Hudson County rehab centers had insurance coverage as follows:

  • Medicaid (72%)

  • Medicare (2%)

  • No insurance (21%)

  • Private insurance (12%)

  • Other insurance is (2%)


Some people had attended Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous support groups in the previous month. 12% had participated in NA sessions, while 10% had undergone some AA meetings.


The majority of Hudson County received the following levels of care:

  • Outpatient care OP (26%)

  • Intensive outpatient IOP (19%)

  • Detox residential (11%)

  • Short-term residential (10%)

Treatment at Rolling Hills Recovery Center

List of NA and AA Meetings and Government Helplines in or Near Hudson County, New Jersey

S.M.T. Center

731 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Sunday - 7:00 am



Grace United Methodist Church

380 Kearny Avenue, Kearny, NJ 07032

Monday - 7:00 pm


Our Lady of Czestochowa Church

115 South 3rd Street, Harrison, NJ 07029 (Entrance on Jersey St.)

Tuesday - 7:30 pm



Serenity Club, Library First Floor

16 W. 4th Street, Bayonne, NJ 07002 (at Story Court) (Enter Property off Broadway)

Wednesday - 6:30 pm



Barrow Mansion

83 Wayne Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Thursday - 8:00 pm



If you are still looking for meetings near you, use the NA and AA meeting finder tools. Some government hotlines in Hudson County, NJ, include:

Can You Use Insurance To Cover Addiction Treatment In Hudson County, New Jersey

Your health insurance provider will likely contribute financially toward your treatment of drug addiction problems. In New Jersey and the rest of the nation, most treatment centers for drug misuse accept at least some form of insurance.


The following are examples of health insurance carriers offering coverage in Hudson County, New Jersey:

Contact your insurance provider and the rehab facility you're considering to verify that your treatment will be covered.


Many Hudson County's rehab centers accept Medicaid, making them accessible to low-income locals who fall under a specific category defined by state and federal law. Medicaid will pay the drug treatment facility directly for your care. However, that particular addiction treatment program may need a bit of out-of-pocket payment from you in the form of a co-payment.


Rolling Hills Recovery Center Is Here For You. Verify Your Insurance Today.

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Get in touch with a drug and alcohol rehab center in Hudson County, NJ, if you or someone you care about needs help with an addiction. Hudson County has access to various treatment centers and programs that may help you overcome your addiction and maintain your sobriety.

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Hudson County, NJ drug and alcohol rehab guide
Drug and alcohol treatment options in Hudson County, NJ
Cost of drug and alcohol rehab in Hudson County, NJ
Hudson County, New Jersey addiction statistics
List of AA and NA meetings in Hudson County
Can you use insurance to cover addiction treatment in Hudson County, NJ?

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